BREAKING: Cops EVACUATE Trump Towers … Here’s What Set Them Off

It was a chaotic scene both inside and outside Trump Tower as police quickly evacuated the building because of a potential threat.

A ‘suspicious package’ was found in the lobby.

The NYPD worked quickly to remove everyone from the building and to a safe distance away as the package was examined.

Trump Tower is the home of the President-Elect and his family, and is also acting as a base for his transition team.

Trump Tower in New York was evacuated over a suspicious package sparking panic among the shoppers and vistors who were filmed fleeing the building.

The Manhattan tower, the home of President-Elect Trump and his family, was evacuated at just before 5pm on December 27.

The NYPD has now given the all-clear after they found the ‘suspicious package’ left in the lobby, near the entrance to a Nike Town store, was in fact a backpack full of children’s toys.

Trump was not inside the building during the security scare, according to reports. The real estate mogul is currently at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida with his family…

…A witness told the AP that the crowd was ‘evacuated very quickly. It was hysteria.’

‘Police were shouting and telling people to leave,’ said Andy Martin, a 16-year-old from the New York City suburb of Huntington who was in Manhattan with family, according to the AP.

Emergency crews were called in and NYPD spokesman Stephen Davis said that by 5pm, the bag had been examined by a bomb squad and deemed safe.
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Here are a couple of videos from the scene.


From the Lobby of Trump Tower:

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