Comedian With Man Boobs On Ivanka Incident: ‘F**K Her And Her S**t Family’

Published on December 23, 2016

For a fat guy for who loves harassment, he’s kinda thin-skinned, don’t you think?

Comedians on the Left are just phoning it in these days. Most of them have whittled their acts down to some combination of sex and rage. Really, what else do you have left when you are tied in knots by the PC police… and when activists go to comedy clubs to fact-check jokes!

So @IanKarmel (take note of the Twitter address. He thinks it’s fine to harass people you disagree with took a position on the Ivanka JetBlue incident where an angry activist followed her and harassed her. (More details here.)

Here’s what Ian Karmel had to say about the incident:


(Screen Capture courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson because the cowardly comedian deleted the tweet… he was being harassed.)

Other people who normally would HATE such behavior jumped on the bandwagon because… Republicans apparently aren’t Americans and therfore don’t deserve rights. (Try substituting Republican with any other word… a race, a religion, or sex and see if that looks just little bigt bigot-y.)

@IanKarmel got defended by his BOSS. THIS is evidently not a firing-worty Social Media offense. (Even if practically everything ELSE is these days.) He got the support of his boss in THIS twitter thread:


Ben Winston (Late, Late Show Exectuive Producer) has twitter handle: @benwinston

Ian Karmel, ‘Comedian’, Writer — and roughly a C-cup — also has a twitter handle: @IanKarmel

They both think it’s absolutely AWESOME to harass people with whom you disagree politically.

What does their hero Alinsky say? Make them live by their own rules?

Great! Sounds fun!

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