CUBS OF THE CALIPHATE: Failed Teen SUICIDE BOMBER Reveals ISIS Radicalization Tactics — For KIDS

ISIS is using children. Even the Left has to think that’s despicable.

A 15-year old suicide bomber talks about the brainwashing that occurred with children as young as 9 and how he had second thoughts just before his planned attack.

A failed teenage suicide bomber has spoken about how he and other children were brainwashed in a special special camp by ISIS terrorists in Iraq.

Mahmoud Ahmed was arrested and disarmed by Kurdish security forces before he was able to launch his attack on a sports stadium in Kirkuk, northern Iraq in August.

The 15-year-old boy had been stopped hours after two other attacks targeted mosques in the city.

Following his arrest, he was placed into custody and is awaiting trial on terrorist charges.

He said children as young as nine were being trained to become suicide bombers.

He told Sky News: ‘They taught us how to use a Kalashnikov and a PKC machine gun and then transferred us to Hawija.

‘There were four older men who would teach us about heaven and stuff like that. Twenty-four hours a day they’d teach us about this stuff. There were 60 of us born from 2002 onwards. They would scare us and would show videos of beheadings and stuff like that.’

On the day of his planned attack, the youngster said he had second thoughts.

‘When I reached the target I knew it was wrong. When I saw the young kids I knew it was wrong immediately.

I returned back to him (my handler) but he said go straight back. I told him no and he said this is an order from Abu Islam (an ISIS commander).

‘I returned back around the stadium and they caught me.’
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Watch the removal of the explosives he was wearing and the later disposal:

The Islamic State has specially made textbooks to teach English to their ‘Cubs’. Check out these disturbing lessons. (For more info, see The Mirror.)


How to tell if you set your bomb timer correctly:


Jobs that men can do:


Language exercise about Jihad:


The Dail Mail has another copy that shows some unsual ‘Math Lessons’:






ISIS is proud of their ‘Cubs’ and has produced propaganda videos about them:

And these cubs are acting for ISIS.

ClashDaily reported the 7-year old girl that was strapped into a bomb vest and had it remotely detonated while she was in a Syrian Police Station.

We’re told that Islam is a Religion of Peace but this is one branch that is committed to war.

And it’s a war they’re waging with child soldiers.

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