DEAR CNN: Berlin’s Terrorist Saying, ‘KILL The Crusader Pigs’ Sounds Like A ‘HOLY WAR’ To Us

Published on December 23, 2016

OOPS: How’s that ‘Lone Wolf’ narrative working out now?


Through its Amaq news service, the Islamic State has released an alleged video “will” of Berlin jihadi Anis Amri, who was killed by Italian police Friday morning, swearing allegiance to the ISIS caliphate.

Sky News relays a statement from Amaq describing Amri’s death as another jihad attack, rather than a suspect being caught by police and killed in a shootout: “The Berlin attacker carried out a new attack against an Italian police patrol in Milan and was killed in an exchange of fire.”

The video was recorded selfie-style, and is portrayed by ISIS as a “martyrdom video” or last will and testament, presumably recorded just before he began his murderous attack on the Berlin Christmas market:

Jenan Moussa, a reporter for Al Aan TV, swiftly provided a translation of what Amri said in the video, describing it as evidence that he “isn’t a lone wolf after all – at least he was in touch with ISIS media.”
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Here are some parts of the translation:

Note the dead SOB’s use of the word JIHAD does not mean ‘personal struggle’. That’s odd, considering he seems fluent in the relevant language.

Could CAIR and the Media (D) have been LYING to us all along???


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