DEAR CNN: Is It ‘TERRORISM’ When Muslim Drags A CHILD Under A Truck?

‘Rivers of blood’ are not enough to shake ‘progressives’ out of their willful blindness? Are ‘dead kids’ enough?

Every time that someone dares to make a connection between a jihadi and the corresponding belief in religious supremacy that drives it, somebody shouts ‘Islamophobia’.

How many times must the pattern repeat before the person acting out of irrational fear is shown to be the person denying any connection between belief and behavior?

A schmuck drives a truck through a crowd. He slaughters the Polish truck driver in the process (who appears to have died a hero trying to stop the jihadi from carrying this out).

Tourists saw a young child being crushed underneath the hijacked truck which ploughed through a Berlin Christmas market last night, killing 12 and wounding around 50.

Mike Fox and his partner were a ‘few metres’ from being run down by the lorry driven by an unknown attacker who managed to flee the scene of the carnage.

‘There were children in the market. My girlfriend saw a child under the truck,’ Mr Fox said shortly after the attack near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz.

Witnesses saw bodies strewn across the a backdrop of colourful market stalls and Christmas lights as ‘rivers of blood’ flowed from the scene of the attack, which has again sent shockwaves of fear throughout Europe.

…’It was like being in a horror film. I can’t explain everything that we saw. We tried to send away people coming to the area, especially children, because we didn’t want them to see what we saw.’

Survivors of the carnage caused when a lorry ploughed into a Berlin Christmas market recount the fear and horror they felt when festive revelry turned to death and destruction in a matter of seconds.

…He said: ‘It was carnage everywhere. There was blood all over the floor. There were people lying on the floor.

‘Nobody was really helping anybody. People were running. It was like every man for themselves. It was dusty and chaotic.

‘The biggest mental image I have is there were two rivers of blood going down the floor. —Daily Mail

The man behind the attack?

“German officials are searching for a Tunisian man whose ID was found under the driver’s seat of the truck used in Monday’s attack. The suspect was said to already have been under investigation for a terror plot.

…The man [was] already being investigated in connection with an act of terrorism. The authorities noted his contacts with German Salafists

They also launched a probe, based on suspicion he was preparing “a serious act of violence against the state.”

“Security agencies exchanged their findings and information about this person with the Joint Counter-Terrorism Center in November 2016,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

Jäger added that the suspect was living in NRW before traveling to Berlin in February. He also confirmed that the man applied for the asylum and was rejected.

However, the authorities ran into bureaucratic hurdles while trying to repatriate him.

It was not possible to deport this man because he had no valid ID papers on him,” Jäger told the media.
He added that the Tunisia has initially denied that this man was their citizen.

“We only got his papers today,” he said. “I will not comment on this any further.” —DW

Tunesia. That would be the failed state that never quite recovered from the Arab Spring that a certain advocate of “Hope And Change” cheered on from the safe distance of a Golf Course or Air Force One.

Share if this only proves it’s easier to KEEP a threat out, than to eject one.

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