DEAR PATRIOTS: Should Trump SHUT DOWN Mosques And JAIL Clerics Calling For JIHAD?

Published on December 25, 2016

Dilemma: if a religion IS expressly political and those politics conflict with the laws of the land, what next?

Separation of powers between Church and State is a WESTERN concept. It’s an idea that sprang directly from ‘Christendom’… even the Bible itself. (See Romans 13, among others.)

Ask any Muslim… even a moderate one… whether there should be a separation of Mosque and State, and the idea will seem strange to him. Their religion has no distinction between religious (moral) authority and Civic (and legal) authority.

That puts us in an awkward position. If POLITICAL Islam (including Sharia law) conflicts with the laws of America? What then?

Because their religion explicitly says that the authority of the Koran supersedes any moral or legal authority a nation might have. Allegiance of a Muslim is owed to the Koran alone.

That’s different than, say, the Christian expression of this dynamic.

Christians are subject to the MORAL authority of the Bible but to the LEGAL authority of the land in which they live. If preaching is forbidden, they still preach. But they accept the legal consequences — imprisonment and worse — if the government punishes them for doing so.

This brings us to the question: what do we do with Islamic mosques. Some of them have been centers for what — if this were a purely political movement — could only be called armed insurrection.

When it was the NAZI movement, there was no confusion with what to do. Break the back of the movement. Crush the leadership and infrastructure of those propagating the violence, and let the second and third tier members renounce as repugnant the entire movement, and rejoin polite society.

The religious component, for us, is a complicating factor. Precisely BECAUSE we value freedoms. Especially religious freedoms.

We will have to grapple with this question sooner rather than later. Especially since some European mosques, when raided, have been loaded with guns.

Too often we read news like this:

German authorities have arrested five members of a terrorist recruiting network operating on behalf of the so-called Islamic State (IS), local media report.

The arrests on Tuesday morning took place in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. The network recruited and provided logistical support for local volunteers making their way from Germany to Syria. — New Europe

Meanwhile, in America:

What is not reported by the American media is that outgoing President Obama promoted the largest mosque on the East Coast located in Boston that also calls for jihad.

As a matter of fact, Obama stated that the Islamic Society of Boston:

is the model for his efforts to counter violent extremism! —Gateway Pundit

Because THIS if we DON’T treat CRUSH the networks that are propagating violence [and they are often using our own money to spread the hate (see more here)] they will be emboldened.

Like THIS guy is bold:

Or THIS guy that Canadian Tarek Fatah warned us about. His headline says it all. But there’s video, to support his claims: Islamic cleric teaches his students the ‘proper method’ of beheading. Tells them, “You Should Enjoy Yourselves” The man grins as laughs as he pantomimes the murder with an actual sword.

If they gathered under a Swastika instead of a Crescent? We’d know what to do with such a man, and the organization he met under.

But we are hesitating between two decisions.

We will need to decide soon. Which should it be?

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