DEMONIC: ‘Religion Of Peace’ Straps Bomb To 7yo. Girl … Then DETONATES

Civilized society PROTECTS the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Islamists use them as Ordinance.

And — STILL — the Liberals have trouble calling these SOB’s out as a serious problem. What else do they have to do to get their attention?

You’d think maybe THIS would do it? (Content Warning: Graphic image of the aftermath to follow)

Take a look at the devastation done to this Syrian Police station, and take a moment to realize that at the very center of this wave of devastation was a little girl who came in and asked to use the bathroom. Watch it and tell us whether THIS is a ‘big deal’. Tell us whether Islam is ‘no worse’ than ‘any other’ religion, and that ‘they all have extremists’.

Really? Ever see the guys at you local church or Temple (of whatever religion) do THIS

The soulless bastards holding the remote detonator did the rest.

This (or something like it):



Any Questions?

When we throw open our doors to the male, fighting-age ‘refugees’ from ‘Syria’… THIS is the thinking and behavior that we risk importing to OUR backyard.

And it will never be the gated communities and the Martha’s Vinyard addresses of the people PUSHING for that immigration that face the real risks. It’s the working poor in their impoverished neighborhoods who will absorb the risk.

The same way they have seen mysterious spikes in infections TB.

Share if THESE are EXACTLY the sort of people we need to keep OUT.

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