FAKE NEWS: Just HOW Worthless Are Those New ‘Media Monitors’… Here’s A List!

Published on December 18, 2016

Seriously? THESE clowns are supposed to be the hall monitors of our news feeds?

Snopes? ABC? Politifact? Factcheck.org? And the Associated Press?

Because they are the nations’ guardians of truth. Is that it?

What happens when their biases blind them to the truth, especially since they are all singing from the SAME political songsheet?

Here are a few examples:

1. Politifact took great pains to deny that Obama made an ‘apology tour’.

2. Politifact gave a ‘mostly false’ rating to something the also admitted was technically true. It was a CONSERVATIVE publication’s calculation on Clinton Foundation Donations. (The Federalist)

3. Politifact gave ‘mostly false’ rating to Romney’s numbers for women who lost work under Obama. (Women accounting for 92% of jobs lost under BHO) Their answer? “The numbers are accurate but quite misleading,”

Not their job to interpret the facts cited. Moving on…

4.Did Hillary ‘never send or receive classified emails?’ It depends whether you read their reports on July 3 or July 5. The answers were ‘revised’. If you’re not sure… try this:

It goes on in that vein… story after story of Hillary and Obama’s media bodyguards doing damage control to help the Democrats or hurt the Republican cause.

5. Jim Webb and Ron Paul made the same statement about the Federal Income tax, with different ‘truthiness’ ratings.

Skipping down the list put together by the Daily Wire, we see SNOPES deliberately falsifying a story with a faked photo from another day, claiming the Pulse Nightclub shooter was NOT a Democrat even though he was REGISTERED as one, and covering her ass over Benghazi.

The AP gets in on it, too.

See the pattern? Liberals defending Liberals against claims of fact made by conservatives?

This is EXACTLY who we want pre-chewing our news, right?

Oh… and while we’re talking about the guardians of news… did you catch THIS little story about FACEBOOK itself?

According to Bloomberg… facebook has gotten its OWN Numbers Wrong … SEVERAL times since September… prompting calls for THEM to have THIRD Party monitoring.

When our MONITORS need MONITORS, what bloody good are they?

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