The ‘FREE’ PRESS Has Been Giving Democrat Corruption A FREE PASS

Written by Rob Morse on December 18, 2016

News media in the US failed to tell us the truth, and then they replaced the truth with their political propaganda. This is dangerous. I can’t wait for new news sources to replace the publicly traded media.

First, the media hid the truth. Julian Assange and Wikileaks brought us more truth about our own government than all the newspapers of the US combined. We found out about foreign governments paying our government officials. We also found out about corrupt elections here at home, yet only a handful of sources then covered the Wikileaks releases. The federalist papers, Hotair, and Cheryl Atkinson being a few of the best. Meanwhile, the corporate media was too busy protecting their candidates’ reputation to tell us the truth. Why the hell does the media have a favored candidate?

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas brought us face to face videos of government corruption so we could feel it. David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress went undercover and showed us how Planned Parenthood sells the parts of the dead babies they harvest. The publicly traded media was too busy selling their politically approved propaganda to cover these stories. These stories were too politically hot to handle and risk the corporate media upsetting their commercial sponsors or their political patrons.

This year, the news media crashed and burned spectacularly, and it matters.

The media replaced the truth with their own propaganda. You saw it in their headlines during the presidential campaign. The socialists talking points went out, and dozens of major media sources had their headlines and first paragraph written for them. Even I noticed that. The excuse that “They were just following orders.” doesn’t excuse their

Today, the media condemns Donald Trump for anything. Trump had a meal with his family and the media talking points said the media were scorned and alienated. Yawn. Give it a break. Unfortunately, the media will condemn President Trump when he tries to reduce the huge budget deficit and reduces our foreign involvement of US troops. By a perverse incentive, that means there is no political cost for Republicans doing the wrong thing in office; small government Republicans will be condemned in either case.

The media praises Democrats for doing the wrong thing. They hid the billion-dollar corruption of the Clinton Foundation. The Socialists rigged elections, and the media yawned. The media played along with the post-election propaganda machine that tried to both undermine Trump’s legitimacy while preserving the Socialist’s donor base. Folks, this isn’t deep science. The media’s willful blindness means there is no benefit for Democrats to do the right thing; big government socialists will be praised in either case.

We need the truth all the time. Power corrupts. To make matters worse, government power corrupts with other people’s money. Stopping that tendency requires checks and balances that are outside the political process. The media must be discriminating if the media is to be useful to the public. The media must investigate and fairly discern right from wrong. They must have the courage to report on the virtues and vices they find. If the corporate media can’t do that, then they are simply hanging pretty talking heads in front of us while their corporate masters sell soap every 12 minutes.

Here is my news tip for the publicly traded media. Tell the truth all the time. Who knows, but we might start to believe you after a few years. In the meantime, new media like Breitbart and CRTV will take a growing share of the media market.


Image: USA-Reiseblogger; CC0 Public Domain

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