LMAO: Trump Ridicules Hillary, Kasich, The GOP Elite & ‘The Media’ During VICTORY Tour (VIDEO)

It was a big celebration. With a heaping side of crow for the Nevertrumpers on both sides of the aisle.

This must have been hard for Kasich to take in his home State. Especially when Kasich was one of the NeverTrumpers Trump singled out specifically.

But so were the media.

‘These are very very dishonest people,’ Trump said of his media doubters during the campaign. Then Trump ad-libbed his way through some of the campaign’s greatest hits, and hammered the press like in the old days before he faced the certain burden of taking the oath of office.

Then, speaking behind a podium that said ‘USA Thank You Tour 2016,’ he mocked some of the gob-smacked television journalists who chronicled his Election Night coverage of his historic win.
‘And we won Wisconsin, and we won Michigan, and we won Pennsylvania. And that person is doing the map. And that person was saying for months that there’s no way that Donald Trump can break the blue wall, right? We didn’t break it, we shattered that sucker. That blue wall is busted up,’ Trump said to cheers. — DailyMail

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