PETITION: Should Trump Name Our NEXT Battleship The ‘USS THE DEPLORABLES?’

Let’s get some signatures on this! It’ll piss off Obama AND Hillary. Oh, and you’ll LOVE where it’s hosted…

On a website that was Barack’s own brainchild:

…the We the People website, the silly populist contrivance cooked up Barack Obama nearly eight years ago to provide other community organizers and C.O. wannabes swith a direct pipeline to the White House.

That purpose was never fully realized. Yes, the announcement of the web page’s existence was followed a storm of petitions, but many of them called for Obama’s impeachment or demanded that states be permitted to secede from the union. Over the years, the aritifice, created by a man who promised falsely to oversee the most transparent administration ever, has become a monument to his naïveté and shortsightedenss.

So what was the new petition? It was a two-fer. It is a demand that the next major U.S. Navy Ship be named “USS The Deplorables.” It is meant to be in-your-face both to the outgoing president and to the Democratic candidate who coined the phrase “basket of deplorables” — a move that may have contributed to her loss in November.

The petition needs 99,447 more signatures by January 3, 2017 to get a response from the White House. It’s doubtful that it will gain the needed signatures, but its purpose is clear all the same. Obama created the web page so that he would be able to hear the voice of the people. He just did, and they have spoken loud and clear.
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CLICK HERE for the link to the petition.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we could actually get this to happen?


Sign and share people!

Let’s make this thing reality!

Share to make our next Navy ship the ‘USS The Deplorables’

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