QUESTION: Should Trump Request An EXORCISM On The White House After The Obama’s Leave?

After all, the Clintons pre-purged the house when they were leaving. They took furniture, the Presidential Seal and the ‘W’ from the keyboards. Why shouldn’t Trump ‘clean house’?


Yes, he should.

For one simple reason:

Michelle in a bathing suit.
(Sorry, but I am just not going to ‘Google’ that image.)

According to WikiHow, you need an exorcism for a home to remove ‘unwanted psychic or spiritual baggage’.

Well, the Obamas have certainly been ‘unwanted baggage’ for America.

Their ideology is destructive and the country is more divided along racial lines than when Mr. Post-Racial-America became President.

And come on, not all of those terrible, divisive ideas could come from just human design.


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