TURKEY: Shots Fired Outside US Embassy ONE BLOCK From Where Russian Ambassador Was ASSASSINATED

Just hours after the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey, a man opened fire one block away outside the US Embassy in Ankara.

And if you didn’t know that Ankara was the capital of Turkey — you do now.

(And that concludes our Geography Lesson. You’re welcome, Gary Johnson.)

A man who opened fire with a shotgun outside the US embassy in Ankara – just hours after a Russian ambassador was shot dead in a nearby art gallery – has been arrested.

The man, who was named ‘Sahir S’ in the Turkish state press, approached the Embassy at around 4:30am local time. The building is just a block away from where the ambassador was assassinated.

The suspect fired the shotgun into the air eight or nine times before being detained, reports say. As he was taken away, he shouted ‘Don’t play with us,’ according to RT.

It’s not known whether anyone was hurt by the suspect..

…The dramatic events follow the shocking murder earlier today of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov, 62, who was shot dead in an Ankara art gallery just a block away from the US Embassy.
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Watch the arrest:

ClashDaily covered the story (with shocking video) of the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

Turkey was in the news in July because there was a failed military coup to overthrow the Islamic government.

Questions arose about a Muslim cleric in Pennsylvania.

About the guns used.

According to the shooter in the assassination, the reason was because of Russian ‘interference’ in Syria.

The shooter outside the US Embassy cryptically said, ‘Don’t play with us’.

It is unknown to police if the two incidents are related.

The close proximity of the two events and the timeframe are very suspicious and an investigation is ongoing.

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