VIDEO: Boxer Brags, ‘I’d NEVER Let A White Boy Beat Me’ – Watch Him EAT His Words!

Published on December 24, 2016

There’s a trick to trash-talking. If you can’t back it up, you look like a moron.

Nose-to-nose this boxer boasted: ‘I would NEVER let a white boy beat me’.

Hopkins’ mouth has been writing checks his fists couldn’t cash. When it came time to pay up, he got absolutely CRUSHED!

Source: BRUH (Facebook page)

It would be bad enough to talk tough and get knocked down. But that’s a NORMAL outcome to a fight.

It would be a little worse still to get knocked out. Embarrassing? Sure, but still within the range of normal outcomes.

What happened to this blowhard? He WISHES he had ‘only’ been knocked out.

Guess what, Hopkins? You didn’t ‘let a white boy beat you’. You faced a MAN in the ring and by the end of the fight, he made you look like a child.

Skin color didn’t even enter into it. He fought like a man. You just didn’t measure up.

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