WAR: Look What Ms. Sassy, Megyn Kelly, Just Called PATRIOT, Pamela Geller

Published on December 9, 2016

Megyn Kelly isn’t shy about her opinion, but check out what she said about THIS woman that is standing up for Free Speech against Jihadis that want to take it away. Un-frickin’-believable!

At an NPR event, Megyn Kelly said that Pamela Geller ‘is a hateful person’ and a ‘provocateur’.

Pamela Geller responds in an article on Breitbart:

In hitting President-elect Trump and supposedly defending the freedom of speech, Megyn Kelly on NPR Wednesday night referred to “Pam [sic] Geller, who there’s no question is a hateful person, who held this Draw Muhammad contest down in Texas.”

Kelly said this in the context of defending the freedom of speech: “Now she’s a provocateur and she’s not a fan of anyone who’s Muslim from the sound of what she says, but this is America and she has the right to say those things. And she has the right to have a contest like that.” But in smearing me as “hateful,” she demonstrates that she doesn’t really know what was at stake when Islamic jihadis attacked our free speech event in Garland.

Why am I hateful for standing for the First Amendment? Is she copying the tactics of Islamic propagandists, smearing as “hateful” those of us who refuse to submit to the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth?

And I’m a “provocateur”? Why? The Garland attack was part of a longstanding jihad war against the freedom of speech. Those who say I provoked the jihadis don’t remember, or care to remember, that as jihadis were killing the Muhammad cartoonists in Paris, their accomplice was murdering Jews in a nearby kosher supermarket. Were the Jews “hateful”? Did they “provoke” the jihadis?

I held the event in the same venue where Muslim leaders held a conference in support of the sharia, in support of the ideology behind the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre. Was that provocative? Should we submit to the devout Muslims who use violence to impose the speech laws under the sharia?

Drawing Muhammad offends Islamic jihadists? So does being Jewish, as many anti-Semitic attacks have proven. How much accommodation of any kind should we give to murderous savagery? To kowtow to violent intimidation will only encourage more of it.

Many Americans admire the work that Ms. Geller has done and hold the very same viewpoint– that Freedom of Speech is worth pissing off a couple of radical extremists.

Does that make all those Americans ‘hateful’? Or maybe they belong in a ‘Basket of Deplorables’…

Isn’t it a bit ‘hateful’ to say that ‘there is no question’ that someone is ‘hateful’?

Pamela Geller continues in her article about The Megyn Kelly Show‘s handling of the Garland attack, and gets in the BEST dig at Kelly:

Megyn Kelly has never had me on her show. She covered the jihad attack against our free speech event in Texas for over a week but did not have me on. How does she know what I think, or why I did what I did? She made her “stand” for free speech regarding the Garland jihad attack while excoriating me. The thing about Kelly is that she assumed my mantle and championed my work while attacking and smearing me; that is the hallmark of a true second-hander.

Geller then excoriates Kelly for giving a platform to ‘oppressors’ and ‘terror-tied operatives’ like CAIR.

She also cites that Kelly’s show is losing in the ‘ratings battle’ and maybe the clock is ticking for her show on FOX News.

What do you think, is Geller right?

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