WATCH: Black Liberal Leaves Trump Fan STRANDED In Snow And BRAGS About It

He sees a woman in need and drives on… because ‘Love Trumps Hate’.

Congratulations! Full points for being an a-hole.

A motorist boasted that he had refused to help a woman whose car was stuck in the snow after he spotted her Trump bumper sticker.

Troy Brown took a picture of a stranded vehicle in the snow and posted it on Facebook with the caption: ‘I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car #CallYoPresident’.

He also posted a video of himself purportedly driving on by…

…The motorist wrote that he does not support ‘Trump supporters, rapists, trafficking, or murderers.

‘I believe in peace and harmony. Trump didn’t display that.’

Brown revealed that he had been a Bernie Sanders supporter before Donald Trump won the election.

He had posted the picture of the stranded motorist on December 13 – when Ohio was suffering heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures hitting as low as 13 degrees.
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Watch as he drives by the woman in need:

Here are the suggestions Brown gave to Trump supporters when they need help:


Here are some responses to the post:


What do you think about Brown’s reaction?

Was he upholding his commitment to ‘peace and harmony’?

Was he a total douche?

Would you help someone with a Hillary sticker on their car?

Let us know in the comments.

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