WATCH: ‘CATWOMAN’ Caught On Video ATTACKING Boyfriend – Is She The UGLIEST Chick or What?

If you still needed proof that money can’t buy class… look no further.

When the chick locked in the closet until the police arrive is the DEFENDANT, you know thing have gotten out of hand.

‘Catwoman’ (Jocelyn Wildenstein) faces charges after accosting her longtime boyfriend with metal tray.

The shocking clip shows the volatile divorcee screaming ‘shut up!’ at Klein in a thick French accent then grabbing a tray and chasing him down the hallway of their Manhattan apartment.
Switching to her native French, the Swiss-born Wildenstein shrieks ‘I hate you, your mother is a bitch’ before landing two blows with the metal ornament.
Klein, 49, who has designed clothes for A-list celebs including Nicki Minaj, Pink and Joan Collins, is not seen in the footage but he can be overheard begging her to calm down.
‘I don’t touch you, you don’t touch me, you stop it,’ he begs Wildenstein, his partner of 13-years, to no avail.
The date of the video cannot be verified and it’s not clear what prompted the argument. —DailyMail

Reports suggest the designer’s use of models in social media posts as the probable cause of the fight.

The ‘Catwoman’ has a reputation for her temper. Watch it in action:

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