WATCH: A Cute, But STUPID, Chick Takes ‘The ELECTRIC Fence Challenge’ – HILARITY Ensues

It turns out… the fence was the LEAST of her worries. Her pride will never be the same, though.

There are a LOT of stupid challenges going around. This one, apparently, is touching your bare ass to an electric fence while your friend with the camera mocks you.

Here’s the clip.

It’s unclear whether she actually made CONTACT with the fence. She made a show of it, anyway. Pitching forward onto the ground.

What we see when she gets back up again is priceless.

The ‘look before you leap’ line is even MORE true when you’re doing a faceplant in a farmer’s field.

Where do people even GET these moronic challenges?

You can discuss in the comments whether she made contact or chickened out and just fell.

Share if she should have talked to a farmer before trying this trick.

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