WATCH: Diamond And Silk SLAP Michelle Into Next Week Over MO’s ‘No Hope’ BS (HILARIOUS)

Published on December 24, 2016

Diamond and Silk watched Michelle’s final interview as FLOTUS, and some things just didn’t ‘sit well’ with them. They explain it all in this awesome video.


Come on, ladies! Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Wasn’t that satisfying to hear Diamond and Silk rip into Michelle like that?

We’ve all been hoping that Obama would accomplish something worthwhile.

And we’ve hopefully waited…

…and waited…

…and waited.

And nothing.

Yeah. We’re out of hope for any significant change positive change that Obama would make.

He’s been one gigantic disappointment.

So, what’s the problem here. The only reason Leftists can even IMAGINE speaking ill of the Obamas come down to racism or sexism.

It couldn’t be the IDEAS or the PERSON, could it? Nah…

Your move, CNN.

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