WTF: Hitler’s Mein Kampf Voted In Top Ten Favorite Books By … School Kids?!?

Published on December 11, 2016

Turns our ‘Hitlers’ Youth’ aren’t even German. Who knew?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong here?

Finally. The Left has somewhere they can use their ‘Literally Hiter’ slogan. Not that it will fit their narrative.

A survey launched by Italy’s Ministry for Education to promote reading and discover which books are most beloved by schoolchildren has proved the enduring popularity of classic tales. But in ten schools, an unwelcome entry made the top ten.
Several secondary schools included Mein Kampf, the manifesto of Nazi leader Adolf Hiter, in their top ten lists.

Partly autobiographical, Mein Kampf – which means ‘My Struggle’ – outlines Hitler’s ideology that formed the basis for Nazism. Written in 1924, it details his anti-Semitism which led to the Holocaust in which about six million Jews were murdered at the hands of Nazi Germany.

Alessandro Fusacchia, from the Italian Ministry for Education, referred to the choice as a “particularly nasty case”, adding that the book was ineligible for the vote in any case as secondary school pupils had been asked to select books by Italian authors published after 2000. —the local

What ISN’T addressed in this local news article, is which segment of Italy’s population finds this book appealing.

We know, for example, that massive support for one name — say, Mohammed — can have a disproportionate effect on national ‘baby name’ lists. Is there any reporting as to WHO is voting for Mein Kamf?

We have seen elsewhere, for example, that this otherwise despised book made a strong showing in certain markets, as Pamela Geller reported some time ago.

Now Adolf Hitler’s genocidal tome is on fire on the e-book bestseller list. “‘Mein Kampf” hasn’t made the New York Times’ nonfiction chart since its U.S. release in 1939, the same year Germany invaded Poland.Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.13.32 PM

“Mein Kampf,” or “My Jihad” in Arabic (“my struggle’ in English), has been a number one bestseller in Muslim countries for years. It’s a bestseller in Turkey and Bangladesh.

It’s is a top-selling Eid present among ‘educated’ Dhaka Muslims.
It’s made a huge comeback in Germany too. The UK Bookseller Waterstone’s said Mein Kampf is the “perfect Christmas present.”

We at ClashDaily would be interested to know whether there was any correlation to the … shall we say … recent demographic shifts in Europe, and the sudden interest in this book?

And if so, which groups are finding it attractive.

Because whoever they are… since ideas have consequences… should be viewed with healthy suspicion.

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