HEY CNN: Refugee STABS Woman For Reading BIBLE — Is THIS News?

Published on January 2, 2017

Funny how the ‘Religion of Peace’ sure does like attacking strangers.

So here we have a migrant from Afghanistan (have you seen how far Syria is from Afghanistan?) getting offended.

Imagine the story were reversed. If it had gone THIS way, it would be trending on Twitter. Hashtag ‘Islamphobia’.

Someone living in refugee camp invites a guest in so they can study the Koran together. Guest reads the Koran out loud. Young male Christian resident hears this, gets offended, grabs a knife and tries to stab her with it. Gets hauled off to prison, where it is unclear whether charges will be filed.

Outrage, right?

Except the woman was reading from the Bible.

An Afghan migrant attacked a Christian woman at an asylum center because he could hear her reading the Bible.

The 50-year-old was attacked in accommodation in Timelkam, Voecklamarkt in North Western Austria.

Her alleged attacker was a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan who had taken offense to the fact that the woman had been invited by Christian residents of the property to discuss the Bible. — DailyMail

Her thick winter coat saved her.

If we are REALLY supposed to stop warning about the dangers of ‘renegade’ Muslims, it would REALLY help if they were less murder-y, rape-y, and generally violent. Because otherwise what we’ve been calling ‘Islamophobia’ is starting to look like reasonable prudence.

C’mon. Seriously. A woman invented a high-tech anti-rape chastity belt with a 130-decibel alarm, and it sold out right away. Doesn’t that tell us something?

As for ‘Islamophobia’… statistics tell us that it’s not ISLAM that is facing the most religiously-based attacks in 2016.

CHRISTIANS are the most persecuted religious group in the world with more than 90,000 killed in 2016 because of their faith, a leading religious study group director has claimed.

…more than 60,000 of the Christians killed this year were murdered in tribal conflicts in Africa.

…The other 30 per cent, or 27,000, were killed in terror attacks, the destruction of Christian villages, or government persecution.” —Express

Share if it’s only ever ‘news’ when Islam is the ‘victim’.