HEY, MICHELLE: Miss USA Is ‘HOPEFUL’ About President Trump And Says YOU Should Be, Too

Published on January 18, 2017

Miss USA AND an Army officer? You just KNOW she’s got something to say about Trump!

While Michelle Obama is in mourning about how hope is gone, a young Miss America shows her how to disagree with class.

She is everything the media could hope for as the perfect interview.

She is a young and very accomplished woman.

She’s an army officer. She represents an ethnic minority. She did NOT vote Trump.

She’s Miss USA (remember, Trump once ran beauty pageants).

She is perfectly placed to ‘give it to him’.

So, did she?

The US candidate in this year’s Miss Universe pageant admitted she did not vote for Donald Trump but she hopes the president-elect can unify Americans at a ‘nerve-wracking’ point in US history.

Deshauna Barber, a 27-year-old Army officer from the District of Columbia, expressed confidence on Wednesday that America can hurdle its political difficulties after ‘one of the most controversial elections I’ve ever seen in my life.’

‘Although everyone may not agree, including myself, with the election, I still support the commander-in-chief and I plan to until the end of his reign in office,’ Barber told The Associated Press in an interview.

‘I just hope that we’re able to give him a chance. —DailyMail

That’s awesome! With an answer like that, Miss Barber is beautiful both inside and out!

Did the media hear her message of hope? Are they open to ‘giving him a chance’?

Or will this just be the ‘one that got away’ to them?

They may not be listening.

But a lot of Americans are starting to notice that, really, things aren’t NEARLY as bad as they’re being told to believe they are.

And who knows. They might wake, as though from a dream, and ask themselves… why did we ever listen to the news in the first place?

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