HOLLYWOOD: Twisting REALITY To Fit Their RADICAL Worldview

Written by Kenn Daily on January 19, 2017

In the background is the sound from my television blaring from another room. I’m listening to the plot of a police drama unfold. It is familiar: A fugitive has been taken into custody. The police promised the weeping mother that justice would be served after he son was slain.

The victim was black. The killer was white.

It is, of course, fiction; a Hollywood sound stage production. It is there and only there — Hollywood — that white-on-black crime is the norm.

Real life dramas seldom find national forums. They simply don’t fit the cultural Marxism narrative that only white people can be oppressors and “people of color” must always be the victims.

Tragically, the human mind is incapable of discerning fiction from reality. This is especially true when only one perspective — the cultural Marxist perspective — is presented.

Here are true dramas that will never be accurately portrayed by Hollywood.

• 26-year-old Jaclyn Wirth was fatally shot five years ago. Lashawn Cecil, 36, is being tried for the murder. The trial is expected to conclude early next month.

The victim was white. The accused is black. This is not Hollywood fiction. It is a real drama being played out in New London, Connecticut.

Wirth was the mother of two sons at the time of murder. The boys — then ages 2 and 7 — are condemned to live out their lives without their natural mother.

Reports say nine shots were fired through the door of Wirth’s apartment. Seven of those shots struck the victim. She died later at a local hospital.

The jury will hear a heart-wrenching 911 recording of Wirth’s 7-year-old son begging for help for his dying mother.

The jury will also hear a motive for the shooting. Cecil, they will argue, went to Wirth’s apartment to collect a drug debt owed by the brother of the victim’s boyfriend.

Perhaps a Hollywood screenwriter will attend the trial and use this real-life saga as the premise for a police drama. Changes will be necessary, of course. The role of Jaclyn Wirth will be portrayed by a black actress. Lashawn Cecil’s character will be white.

• The stage is set for a similar real-life drama in Bossier City, Louisiana. It is there that the lives of 26-year-old Karyl Cox and 24-year-old Jacqueline Beadle were cut short. The two white women were fatally shot inside their home on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014. Both the victims were mothers of small children.

The alleged killer is a black man; 28-year-old Brandon Butler.

Oddly, reports say Butler attended the memorial service for the two women he allegedly killed before skipping town. He was expected to appear in court Tuesday for a status hearing.

Jacqueline’s mother last saw her daughter when she dropped off her son for babysitting. The mother became concerned when her daughter failed to contact her. She found her deceased daughter and roommate when she went to their home to check on her.

Police believe Butler fled the scene in Karyl’s car; then abandoned it. He was arrested two days later on drug charges, but released.

The senseless murder of two young women would, indeed, make for a powerful television police drama. Necessary changes would have to be made to accommodate the cultural Marxism narrative. Black-on-white homicides never occur in Hollywood.

• Another real-life drama is being played out in Youngstown, Ohio.

51-year-old David Hackett, a black male, will stand trial in the murder of 30-year-old Collena Lynn Carpenter, a white woman. The crime occurred in 2013.

Reports say the victim was stabbed 79 times. Her body was found in a vacant lot.

This drama includes twists and turns that are the stuff of Hollywood’s best screenwriters. Unfortunately, they are true.

Hackett was out on parole from a life sentence for a previous homicide when Carpenter was murdered. He was convicted of murdering a store owner in 1979. Sources also claim that Hackett had been charged with rape on three occasions prior to the murder of Carpenter.

So we will relax on our sofas and Lazyboys while Hollywood churns out a steady stream of reality-defying white-guilt productions. We will sympathize with the black victims and empathize with justice-serving police officers who bring the white killers to justice.

Meanwhile, local newspapers across the nation present much different tales.

Image: Screen shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITeH-DXqoAI

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