PATRIOTS: How MUCH Do You Want To Bet Trump MAKES Mexico PAY For The Wall?

The Most Powerful Man in the World says Mexico is going to pay for the border wall, but the Mexican President disagrees. Time to place your bets on who’s going to win this showdown.

Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, is facing a lot of criticism for not standing up to President Trump.

So he’s going to try to start now.

After 2 Executive Orders issued by President Trump regarding construction of a border wall and removing funding from so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’.

Yeah, good luck with that ‘Rico’.

Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto hit back at Donald Trump’s order to start building a wall separating the country from the United States – and vowed that Mexicans would not foot the bill, despite what Trump has said.

‘Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said it time and time again: Mexico will not pay for any wall,’ Pena Nieto said in a video published Wednesday evening. The Mexican president said he regrets and rejects the US decision to build a wall…

…Trump meanwhile tried to detail its plan to have Mexico pay for the wall on the border in an ABC News interview, but did not offer a substantiated explanation.

‘All it is, is we’ll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from Mexico,’ he said…

…Critics of Pena Nieto – whose approval ratings were just 12 per cent in a recent survey, the lowest for any Mexican president in the polling era – have hammered him for his perceived weakness on Trump…

…Pena Nieto was roundly criticized after inviting then-candidate Trump to Mexico City last August and disappointed many of his countrymen by not publicly confronting Trump on the wall.
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In the video released Wednesday, President Pena Nieto promised to ‘give legal advice’ and ‘guarantee protection’ to Mexican Nationals in the 50 Mexican Consulates in the US.


This pansified leftist thinks that he can stand up to Trump?


Good luck with that.

It’s almost as funny and/or likely as Canada’s Prime Minister Zoolander standing up to President Trump on the Keystone XL Pipeline.


The Metrosexual Socialist leaders to the North and the South don’t have a hope in hell.

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