Sessions’ Hearing PROVES, Once Again, That Dems Are OBNOXIOUS JACKASSES (Watch)

‘Look it’s a conservative from the south, he MUST be a racist!’ say WAY too many of the ‘Tolerant’ Democrats.

The Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing was an event to behold.

Taking a note out of the standard liberal playbook against anyone that they disagree with, they called Sessions a racist.

Protesters showed up wearing KKK garb and shouting ‘Jefferson Beauregard’ and called Sessions a ‘racist’.

Because ‘Beauregard’ is obviously a racist name. If you’re a Democrat you can tell these things.


Sessions said that he ‘abhors the Klan and it’s racist ideology’.

But that didn’t stop the protesters…

Watch the ass-hat protesters literally wearing hats for asses:

Watch Sen. Sessions repudiate the Klan:

Sessions, as his own witness, opened up the hearing by pushing back at allegations of racial insensitivity that plagued his 1986 nomination in front of the same Senate panel to the federal district court bench.

He called charges of racism ‘damnably false.’…

…Protesters, some dressed in white hoods to represent the KKK, started screaming out before Sen. Chuck Grassley, the committee chair, could even begin.

Subsequent outbursts from protesters, which were quickly subdued by Capitol security, plagued the first day of testimony, with some people there representing Codepink and others ‘Black Lives Matter.’

When Grassley began, he brought up the Ku Klux Klan too – but Sessions’ record in going after it.

Grassley talked about how Sessions oversaw the investigation of Klansman Francis Hays ‘for the brutal abduction and murder of a black teenager Michael Donald.’

‘He made sure that case was brought to state court where the defendant was eligible for and received the punishment that he justly deserved: the death penalty,’ Grassley said…

…In his own words, Sessions explained why his nomination by President Ronald Reagan was thwarted.

‘I was accused in 1986 of failing to protect the voting rights of African-Americans by presenting the Perry County case, the voter fraud case, and of condemning civil rights advocates and organization.’

‘And even harboring, amazingly, sympathies for the KKK,’ Sessions continued.
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Sessions continued to defend his record and his commitment to racial equality and upholding the law.

He refused to allow the protesters to get to him, and spoke about how difficult it has been for him to deal with all of these allegations of racism that have persisted.

Isn’t it disgusting that this attack on Sessions has continued for 30 years despite his record?

What do you think of how Sen. Sessions handled himself?

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