TERRORIST DRESSED LIKE SANTA: Slaughters 39 At Celebrity Nightclub (VIDEO)

They wanted to ring in a new year, not to mourn friends and relatives.

From the nightclub, there are reports of thirty nine dead, sixty nine wounded, and many others diving into the Bosporous River to flee for their lives… and the attacker is still at large.

Turkish police are hunting for a gunman dressed in a Santa Claus hat who opened fire in the Reina nightclub in Istanbul’s Ortak√∂y district…

…It is unclear who carried out the shooting, however recent terror attacks in Turkey have been carried out by groups such as ISIS and Kurdish militants.

Turkey’s President had this to say:

‘As a nation, we will fight to the end against not just the armed attacks of terror groups and the forces behind them, but also against their economic, political and social attacks.

‘They are trying to create chaos, demoralize our people, and destabilize our country with abominable attacks which target civilians.

‘We will retain our cool-headedness as a nation, standing more closely together, and we will never give ground to such dirty games.’ — DailyMail

Well, look at that… THEIR president is not afraid to say ‘terror groups’.

Here is footage from two perspectives.

This one is across the street from the entrance:


A passerby filming from steetlevel:

Another from a security camera outside:

This one is CCTV from inside the nightclub.

A cop is reportedly among the dead.

Public officials in the Muslim nation were not afraid to be called Islamophobic in denouncing this as Terror. It was described with terms like ‘… massacre, a truly inhuman savagery’ and a ‘…cowardly act of terrorism’.

Nobody called it ‘workplace violence’. Nobody walked on eggshells to be careful not to implicate ‘ordinary Muslims’.

Maybe that’s because CAIR doesn’t have everyone jumping at the sight of their own shadows over there.

Share if you wish Obama’s words and actions against domestic terrorism had been this resolute.

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