HOME ALONE: Toddler Found Wandering Streets In PJ’s At 4am… Looking For MOM (Video)

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

Surveillance video emerged on Saturday showing a three-year-old boy wandering around a Detroit gas station by himself in the middle of the night in freezing cold temperatures.

The shocking images show the child filmed by the gas station’s closed circuit cameras innocently walking into the convenience store in his pajamas at approximately 4.30am.

Fortunately the boy was unharmed, and did not seem to notice the cold, despite the 20 degree temperatures, and the fact that he was dressed in socks and pjs, carrying a blanket.

He woke up in the night, did not find his mom at home, and went looking for her.

Police were called, and they helped the tot reunite with mom, who was frantically searching the neighborhood, having realized he was missing.

Officer then took the boy through the neighborhood, trying to see if he could find his home. As the officers were driving, police say they found the boy’s mother running down the street, screaming for her baby.

“She was hysterical and crying and scared but then happy that she seen him in the scout car with us,” said Alexander.

As for how the child ended up outside, police say it was simply an accident. The boy’s mother was apparently outside behind their apartment when he woke up and then walked out the front of the apartment.

“He was just looking for his mother,” said Alexander. “He woke up and his mother wasn’t there so he walked out to try to find her.”

The child kept walking until he got to the gas station — which is only about three lots away from his home. –CBS Detroit

Share if that kid has a lot of spunk to go looking for her in the dark.

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