TRUMP-EFFECT: Germany CHEERS Geert Wilders … Merkel Is Gonna Get HAMMERED!

First Brexit. Then Trump. And now..? Buckle up Globalists, you’re in for a rough ride!

Geert Wilders addressed a crowd in Germany.

He hammered on Angela Merkel’s disgraceful record, and they LOVED it!

Maybe there’s still hope for Europe yet!

Now we know what ‘Merkel Must Go’ sounds like when chanted in German!

“All of our European countries are facing a challenge to their existence.”

He breaks down the statistics of population growth and desires to immigrate in Africa. (Africa will soon quadruple in population, and a high percentage of people born there want to emigrate to Europe.)

He’s actually addressing the hard questions, while other politicians (looking at YOU Merkel) are just whistling past the graveyard.

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