WATCH: Anti-Trump THUGS Beat Trump Supporter – More PROOF Libs Are VIOLENT!

Published on January 31, 2017

Protester Assaulted With A Weapon! (Are you paying attention yet, CNN?)

Hey Media! Pop quiz… which political party is the violent one? (Don’t answer just yet!)

Republican policies are ‘Un-American’… we know because Democrats keep telling us!

But assaulting someone (with a weapon) for saying something you disagree with? They’re cool with that. (This is usually the part of the story where the Left forgets that they’re not supposed to blame the victim.)

A Donald Trump supporter was knocked unconscious and suffered concussion after he was hit during a protest at Portland International Airport.

Grant Chisholm, 39, was with three other members of the Bible Believers Group who were holding a counter protest supporting Trump’s immigration ban when he was assaulted.

The counter protest faced approximately 600 people who were demonstrating against the controversial measure.

Chisholm claimed a Trump opponent hit him three times on the head with a metallic object.
He told the Oregonian: ‘They almost killed me tonight.

The shocking video was posted on a ‘Women for Trump’ website. It shows the victim falling to the ground after he is punched. —DailyMail

Suckerpunching someone into the hospital with a weapon in your hand?

That’s not ‘protesting’.

That’s not ‘peaceful’.

This is being fed by the Activist Media (D) who tell sensationalized versions of the facts, providing the Talking points that Liberals are using.

This is being fed by the Butthurt left that is losing access to their positions of power. (Which they have abused for too long.)

This is being fed by political players like George Soros dumping millions … if not billions … into the political system to destabilize and weaken America. (Which he sees as an obstacle to his idea of Utopia.) Grassroots? Not on your life! The ‘Pussy March’ wasn’t. Why would THIS be?

It’s time the aggressors start paying a REAL price.

Because when they do? They think twice about getting involved.

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