WATCH: Bride And Groom Are FOLLOWED Down The Aisle — Wedding Crasher DESTROYS Their Day

Every couple wants their wedding day to be memorable, but this event went from beautiful to an absolute NIGHTMARE.

Easily, this is the Worst Wedding Day Ever.

A would-be assassin followed the bride and groom down the aisle at a Brazilian wedding before pulling out a gun and shooting 3 guests.

Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, known by his nickname Betinho, opened fire at guests at the ceremony inside a church in Limoeiro de Anadia.

He was plotting to take out a father and son, who were due to serve as witnesses at the wedding, in a revenge attack over the death of his own boy, it was claimed.

Video footage from the ceremony captures the soon-to-be happy couple walking towards the front of the church in Alagoas, Brazil.

The overweight man, dressed shabbily in a striped polo shirt and jeans strolls behind them and looks as though he is getting ready to take his place on a pew in the second row.

He then clumsily takes out his gun and starts unloading, causing a frenzy inside the church…

…Three people from the same family were shot at point blank range, and have been identified as Cicero Barbosa da Silva, 62, his son Edmilson Bezerra da Silva, 37, and his wife who hasn’t been identified, according to the Alagoas24Horas website.

Cicero and Edmilson underwent surgery and are in a stable condition in hospital, while Edmilson’s wife was released following treatment after a bullet had grazed her arm.
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The gunman has not yet been apprehended.

Let’s hope that the authorities catch this bastard soon.

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