WATCH: ISIS COWARDS Flee Battle Of Mosul — US-Led Airstrike BLOW UP Their Boats

Check out this EXPLOSIVE video from released by the US Military.

The Coalition forces have been successful in their efforts to secure Mosul since October.

Just this week, the Coalition forces have blown up 100 ISIS boats on the Tigris River trying to flee Mosul.

The US Military released this video:

Iraqi forces have been celebrating the gains they have made in liberating Mosul from ISIS terrorists.

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi enjoyed a celebratory tour after the city’s east was declared largely liberated on Wednesday.

He said: ‘Our message to the rest of Mosul’s residents is that victory is near.’…

…When Sgt. Maj. Hussam Abdul-Latif pushed into Andalus on the morning of January 16, he said the fight for the small neighborhood about a kilometer from the Tigris was nothing like his earlier battles in Mosul.

This time, he said most IS fighters here fled hours before his troops arrived.

Safwan Thanoon, an Andalus resident, said dozens of fighters sped off on motorcycles overnight.

‘This morning, not a single man was left, just those two corpses,’ he added, pointing to a mangled body of an IS fighter in the street and another inside the garden of a nearby house.

‘If they had stayed here it would have made the battle very difficult,’ said Abdul-Latif, the special forces officer, explaining how when he first breached Mosul, a handful of snipers holed up within houses and using civilians as shields would slow his convoy, giving dozens of car bombs time to target the stalled forces.
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The days of ISIS are numbered.

Especially with our new President that is committed to destroying the threat of Islamic Terror.

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