WATCH: What Stevie Wonder Sang To Michelle Will Make You SPEW Your Coffee

In an hour-long Jimmy Fallon FLOTUS ‘send-off’ Special, Stevie Wonder sang a unique medley dedicated to Michelle. WARNING: Triggers Gag reflex

All of the Lefty Entertainment industry types are falling over themselves to fawn over the Obamas as they leave office.

Jimmy Fallon and Stevie Wonder are no exception.

Jimmy had an hour long Moochelle Extravaganza tribute to the outgoing First Lady.

The First Lady was emotional as Wonder dedicated his musical set to her with special versions of his hit songs Isn’t She Lovely and My Cherie Amour.

‘I love you Michelle,’ the music legend started off. ‘I must tell you, I wrote this song but I changed the words a little.

‘My Michelle amour, lovely as a summer day. My Michelle amour, as sweet as flowers bloom in May. My Michelle amour, you’re the only one that we adore,’ he sang.

‘You’ll always be first lady in our minds.’

Following Wonder’s performance, he joined Fallon and Mrs Obama on the couch as he sang: ‘I’m holding the First Lady’s hand, don’t tell the President but I’m holding the First Lady’s hand.’

Wonder told of the first time he met Barack Obama when he was running for senator.

‘We talked about me doing a benefit for him. I said to him… let’s pray you become President of the United States. Prayers do come true. That was a magical moment,’ Wonder said.

‘And to have a wonderful Queen as his wife,’ he said of Michelle.
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Here was Michelle’s reaction:


Here is the official ClashDaily reaction:


Telling, though that Stevie Wonder calls her Obama’s ‘Queen’.

Pretty accurate how they’ve behaved over the past 8 years.

What with his unilateral edicts and her living luxuriously on the taxpayer dime.

The Obamas are certainly cashing in on their time in the White House.

They’ve had their share of hob-nobbing with celebrities.

That’s all history in just a few days.

We can only hope that the love-fest that we’ve had to endure will diminish when Trump starts implementing his agenda and actually does MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! He’s certainly off to a great start!

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