CNN’s Princess, Chris Cuomo, Equates Being Called ‘Fake News’ With Blacks Being Called ‘N Word’ – Internet Quickly DESTROYS Him

Playing the victim card backfires Hilariously in real time.

Chris Cuomo is an idiot. That’s not ‘fake news’ — that’s just fact. And Trump hurt his ‘widdle feewings.’

What does someone with a soapbox DO when Trump hurts their widdle feewings? Try to build a victim movement out of it.

Trump has been beating the media like a rented mule. And Cuomo doesn’t like it. They’re completely busted on multiple Fake News stories and general biases. And now he’s OFFENDED?


He then tried the left’s wounded bird routine, trying to get public sympathy and cast Trump as the evil mustache-twirling villain.


But he overplays his hand. Listen to asshat Chris Cuomo:

“It’s like an ethnic disparagement,” Cuomo said. “We all have these ugly words for people, that’s the one for journalists.”


Realizing that this was getting him Twitter heat, rather than sympathy, he backpedals pretty quickly:

If we want to play that game we can. You want fake news to be PROVEN? Fine.

Here’s a piece that implicated pretty well EVERY ONE of the so-called Trustworthy sources of news in one bogus story or another.

So will we keep calling you Fake News?

Until the statistic of 93% of journalists being Democrats shows a serious change? Yes. Yes, we ABSOLUTELY will keep calling you fake news.

Share if YOU will keep calling him ‘Fake News’ too.

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