DEAR LIBTARDS: What Major BLACK Org Honored Sessions With The ‘Award Of Excellence’ In 2009?

Written by K. Walker on February 8, 2017

Well, THIS certainly changes things. Will the desperate Democrats apologize for their accusations of racism now?

It’s highly unlikely.

A strong opponent to Sen. Jeff Sessions is the NAACP, who gave the allegedly rabid racist an award of Excellence not 10 years ago.

…Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has been one of Sessions’ most loyal defenders, took to the floor Tuesday afternoon with a surprise: One of the attorney general nominee’s fiercest opponents during his confirmation fight – the NAACP – once gave Sessions its “Governmental Award of Excellence.”

The 2009 award was discovered when an aide was cleaning out Sessions’ Mobile, Ala., office as he prepared for his move to the Justice Department. The NAACP has vigorously opposed his nomination, with its president, Cornell Brooks, testifying against Sessions at his confirmation hearing in January…

…“Apparently [Brooks] doesn’t stay in contact with the NAACP chapter in Alabama,” Graham said on the floor. “Most of the things said about Jeff Sessions and the way he acted as a senator could be said about almost all of us on this side who consider themselves conservative.”
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Check it out the 2009 award from the NAACP:

Sen. Fauxahontas tried to read a 30-year old letter from Coretta Scott King in her long-winded speech opposing Sessions and was silenced for violating Senate regulations.

And why not?

That letter from Coretta Scott King was from 1986.

This award from the NAACP was given to Sen. Sessions in 2009.

Which seems more relevant?

Do they really think he could go from fighting racial discrimination in 2009 to become a raging bigot in 2017?

How about the Democrats listen to these Black Pastors that support Sen. Sessions:

Does that mean anything to the Democrats?


And it’s because of their own discrimination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III from Alabama — With a name like that he just sounds like a racist.

Democrat Asshats.

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