DEAR LIBTARDS: This Radical Muslim Nation HATES Trump Just Like You Do

It’s one of those ‘harmless’ countries from the so-called ‘Muslim ban’.

So, while Hard-leftist rioters smash and burn their way through American campuses and other places they wish to crush political dissent, their political counterparts are hard at work in another country.

Except in THAT country, they’re called ‘the Majority’.

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have rallied across Iran today carrying effigies of US President Donald Trump and chanting ‘Death to America’.
The huge crowds responded to a call from Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who called on citizens to demonstrate that Iran is not frightened of American ‘threats’.
Trump declared that he has put the Islamic Republic ‘on notice’ and Iran is one of seven countries on the administration’s ‘travel ban’ list, which is being challenged in US courts.
Demonstrators in Tehran marched towards the Azadi ( Freedom) Square to commemorate the anniversary of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled the US-backed shah.

These guys, and our lefties have something in common.

They listen to the same motivational speakers:


You BOTH SEETHE with hate for Trump. It’s amazing really. Even the mention of his name will make your blood boil.

Trump. Trump. Trumpity-Trump.

Just like that. Some of you needed to reach for your heart pills, just now. Or had an uncontrollable urge to curse and break things.

We call that Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is triggered by spoiled egotists not getting their way politically, and seething with impotent rage. Yes, we said ‘impotent’. Does THAT ‘trigger’ you, too? Too bad. Suck it up, buttercup.

Where were we? Oh, yes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the country that THIS guy:


…sent that planeload of unmarked bills. We paid a ransom for Citizens THEY were holding hostage.

We signed a Treaty they had NO intention of honoring so that they could get benefits and we could get bupkis.

And now? For our weakness kindness…? How do they return the favor? March in the streets and call for their deaths.

Is it weird that there are so many ‘death to…’ chants in that ‘religion of peace’?

It’s probably nothing. Right?

At least the judge who overturned that executive order thinks so.

Seriously, why would we POSSIBLY want to revisit our security protocols for people arriving from a nation where thousands march on the streets calling for our deaths?

How barbaric.

Share if some facts are too simple for ‘journalists’ and other leftists to understand.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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