HARROWING AUDIO: This THUG Was Recorded Beating Girl By Hotel Maid – Thank God She RECORDED Him

The maid was a true hero.

A 23-year-old pimp has been put behind bars on human trafficking and assault charges after harrowing audio recorded by a ‘hero’ hotel maid captured him beating a prostitute.
Marcus Jamal Lindsey was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Wednesday after he punched the 20-year-old woman in the face multiple times when she tried to escape his prostitution ring at the Radisson Hotel in Rockville, Maryland last year.
A key piece of evidence used in his trial by prosecutors was an audio recording made by a hotel maid outside the room where Lindsey was holed up with the victim and another prostitute.

Here is the audio:

Court documents state the victim told police Lindsey had choked her and punched her when she tried to leave and stop working as a prostitute for him.
Lindsey had taken out ads selling the victim’s sexual services prior to the assault. She said she wasn’t allowed to keep any of the money so decided to leave.

The victim was afraid to testify against him. He thought that was his ticket to freedom. ‘So, if there’s no victim, I should be good on this, right?’

Not so fast, tough guy.

The woman, who authorities were not able to locate presumably because she was in hiding out of fear, did not testify in court.
But prosecutors were still able to get a conviction using the hotel maid’s recording and other evidence.
He was convicted by a jury in December and sentenced to 20 years in prison this week. —DailyMail

From now on he’ll be staying in the ‘crowbar hotel’.

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