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HEY, FEMINISTS: Remember That Hillary Ad, ‘The Children Are Watching’? About That…

Help Leftists with their moral amnesia. Show them THIS!

Remember how Team Hillary (when THAT was still a thing) put out a TV ad trying to carve out the moral high ground in this election?

Wow. It’s not often you see Hillary and Moral in the same sentence, is it? Where was I? Oh, yes, the commercial.

Like a typical Liberal who tugs on EMOTIONS when they have no compelling facts to present, tried to smear Trump by showing children watching Television while he said some choice phrases.

Because he’s a bad influence on children… exposing them to foul language. But Anderson Cooper and Obama throwing around the sexual slur ‘tea-bagger’ to disparage Conservative Protesters… that’s ‘Professional’ and ‘presidential’, right?)

You trotted out THIS video, remember? They called it ‘Role Models’.

The ad said, in big block letters:

Our Children are watching. What example will we set for them?

Let’s look at the words Hillary said at the end of that video:

‘Our Children and Grandchildren will look back at this time, at the choices we are about to make the goals we will strive for, the principles we will live by, and we need to make sure they can be proud of us.’

She’s Hillary Clinton. And she ‘approves’ this message.

But she doesn’t live by it. Nor do her followers.

Just a few months later, we see what happens when they LOSE the election.

Do they still hold to that ‘high road’ they pretend to care about?

Here’s the conservative counterpunch. This came out after the Clit-heads — no, really… take a good look at those costumes… what would YOU call them?] — after they gathered to have their tantrum about losing the election.


(Credit to Washington Free Beacon for posting the video)

You can rant and rave about a couple of words you hear used, and complain about the moral decay of the nation.


You can run your mouths and show the world just how ‘proud’ you can be of the title ‘nasty’, using the most profane language and images you can conjure up to tell the world how angry you are that Americans voted for Someone Else.

You can’t have it both ways.

Just like you can’t whine and moan about ‘literally Hitler’. The lives of the Six Million Jews he killed deserve a little more intellectual honesty than diminishing his monstrously evil record to simply being ‘a name I call that politician I don’t like’. If there is a comparison between Hitler and ANYONE, you have to REALLY prove your case.

But creating the incendiary environment where you hurt people and break things because someone has an idea you have not permitted them to hold?

That’s morally the same as pulling on your own jackboots and stomping on other people’s right to freely assemble peaceably. You don’t need six million dead to embrace that kind of atrocity. It’s a more private, and accessible evil. But it IS evil. Look where that idea is taking us:

Throwing feces and bricks at people trying to attend a ball? Knocking out a pastor counter-protesting a mob closing down an airport? Pepper spraying people who want to watch a controversial (read: Conservative) speaker at Berkley?

You are nothing more than thugs and moral cowards. Your commercial was a lie, and a cheap attempt to manipulate people with a greater commitment to moral standards than what you hold yourselves to.

You are — daily — proving to us that America was RIGHT to reject your candidate to represent us. Because whatever values you hold… they are NOT American.

American values include Free Speech. Freedom To Assemble (peaceably). You have abandoned those values. So we voted you out of power in RECORD numbers. And for the record?

THAT is what Democracy looks like.

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