HEY, PRO ABORTION GHOULS: Look Who’s CELEBRATING Abortion This Valentine’s Day

You claim to take the moral high road, and THESE are the folks you’re walking beside?


Too harsh? Hold your judgment until you read the rest.

The Satanic Temple is hosting a pro-abortion fundraiser on Valentine’s Day titled “Hugs and Kisses for Satan.”

The liberal group known for trolling Christians across the United States is seeking to raise funds in support of two pro-abortion lawsuits filed against the state of Missouri. Both are filed on behalf of a pregnant woman seeking an abortion in the state. She objects to laws requiring a 72-hour waiting period before the abortion procedure and that she must be given reading material saying the procedure ends a human life. The suits are filed at both the state and federal level on religious grounds.

“The Temple objects to these restrictions on religious grounds because they violate the Temple’s belief in the inviolability of one’s body,” the group said in a statement announcing the fundraiser Thursday.

Participants in the fundraiser are supposed to gather pledges of money according to the number of hugs and kisses they receive on Valentine’s Day. So if a sponsor pledges $1 per hug or kiss, and the participant gathers 20 hugs or kisses, that would send $20 into the pro-abortion lawsuit fund. The group will award prizes to whomever gets the most physical contact and/or money. — DailyCaller

After those Podesta Emails, we shouldn’t be TOO surprised by any overlap between the DNC and the Occult, should we?

Meanwhile, in ‘Flyover’ country America? We don’t cherish abortions. We cherish LIFE. Here’s an example:

MRI Pregnancy at 20 Weeks:

Looks like Beelzebub’s wearing an ‘I’m With Her’ shirt these days.

Share if siding with ‘The Father Of Lies’ is NOT the moral high ground.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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