‘LITERALLY HITLER’? Here’s What Donald Trump Did For A Disabled Little Girl

Published on February 8, 2017

The tiny little girl had no idea who Trump was, or how he would change her life.

You’ve heard the rhetoric. The outrage. The scripted ‘we’re-sort-of-famous-Hollywood-types-so-listen-to-us videos’.

They keep telling us about the monster in our midst.

Chris ‘Thrill Up My Leg’ Matthews invoked the word ‘Hitlerian’ to describe Trump. No Melodrama there, at all, Chrissy. You’re still completely credible. Really.

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One piece of evidence proving him to be a bad man is his treatment of people with disabilities.

They point to the gestures he made while mocking a disabled journalist. (Other news sources have made the case for why that accusation falls flat.)

One example of Trump’s treatment of people with disabilities came through on an old episode of Maury Pauvich.

This was more than a decade ago. Long before any political aspirations. His guest was a little girl — ten years old — with brittle bone disease. She was impossibly small and feeling very lonely.

She sent a letter to the show, and Maury’s staff was able to locate another little girl about her age, and arrange an introduction. It was a heartwarming meeting.

The story didn’t end there.

Shortly after that, Donald gave her — and her mom — a special gift.


He said that the little girl’s story had touched him. And that’s why he gave what he gave. (It was a cheque. Apparently a BIG one.)

Which Trump is the real one? We have two very different portrayals of Trump.

One is splashed across the daily news, attaching every nefarious label they can to him. Racist. Sexist. Homophobe. Etcetera. We’ve worn these same slanders ourselves long enough that we recognize them for the Bullying Tactics that they are.

The OTHER portrayal? It’s by people who have known him.

We see his own children, and how AWESOME they are. (That has even been one of ClashDaily’s most popular stories… ever.)

We see what he did for Jennifer Hudson after her tragedy. (This same story has a few OTHER acts of kindness referenced in it.)

Where are the rich leftists stepping up? We see, all too often, the ‘generous’ Left ready to use GOVERNMENT money to ‘help’ people (and then we find many of them are tax cheats, too!)

No. Trump has a streak of kindness and compassion to him.

The media can deny that all they want, and call him a monster. All that really does is let the rest of us know a little more about the media themselves.

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