SHUT UP, FAUXAHONTAS! Elizabeth Warren BANNED From Sessions’ Hearing – Do You LOVE It?

The desperation in opposing the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General continues. Watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren get schooled.

Sen. Fauxahontas Warren violated long-established Senate rules, but was still hand-wringing that a 30-year old letter from Coretta Scott King was ‘not allowed on the floor of the United States Senate’.

In a speech regarding her disapproval of the nomination of Sessions as attorney general, Warren began quoting a three-decade-old letter from Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow, Coretta Scott King.

However, Warren’s citing this letter violated Senate Rule XIX by ‘‘impugning the motives’’ of Sessions.

The rule was pointed out by Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Following a discussion on the violation, the GOP-controlled Senate voted 49-to-43 to silence Warren from further speaking during the hearing process for Sessions.

After allowing Liz to speak for nearly 50 minutes, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, couldn’t take any more.


Do you think that would shut her up?


She took to Facebook and streamed the rest of her speech.


Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s allowed her opinion — however stupid it may be.

Democrats have the right, under our glorious Constitution, to be complete raving moonbats.


What they can’t do is violate laws and regulations — which is what Sen. Goofus Warren did.

She was warned but she still kept going… on and on and on…


And that is why she was silenced.

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