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News Clash

TRUMPED: How President Trump Baited The Media Into Covering Terrorist Attacks

At this rate, Media will spend the next four years playing catch-up.

The media doesn’t report news anymore. They frame narratives.

They use keywords and phrases to not just INFORM the public, but to INFLUENCE how they will react to the news they are hearing about.

We have seen hints that it’s all coordinated, too. Like the use of certain words (like the word ‘dark’) by nearly EVERY left-leaning news outlet to describe Trump’s speech at the GOP convention.

They don’t mention the seven nations covered by the Executive Order, for instance, without first inserting the leading phrase ‘Muslim-majority’. (Coincidence? Hell no.)

Historically, this tactic has been absolutely LETHAL to Republican politicians. The media attack machine, when unleashed, has a long line of ‘assassinated’ political careers. Again, not a coincidence.

They could use an innocent clumsy phrase, like ‘binders full of women’ as a cudgel to beat us down.

Then along came Trump.

Not only has he been completely impervious to their frenzied attacks — only Dubya has seen hysterical venom that has even come close to these levels — but he’s making them look like clowns.

It’s a political game of rope-a-dope.

They think they’re baiting him to destroy him… and (to continue the boxing analogy) wind up face own on the mat, wondering what hit them.

This time, for instance, they were pounding on him, like usual, over the travel ban.

He called them out for being fake news, saying they hadn’t given proper coverage to terror attacks. He issued a list of attacks they hadn’t covered adequately.

What did they do? The set to work ‘proving him wrong’.

The started talking about the terror attacks. It was beautiful.

The LEFT was playing defense by calling him a liar. See? We covered 74% of those attacks!

This gave the RIGHT an opportunity to point out that whenever there WAS an attack, the Left consistently moves heaven and earth to avoid connecting motive to Islam. Evidence be damned.

Result? When the motive for the travel ban was to protect Americans from dangerous countries… the antagonistic media spends whole news cycles discussing exactly WHICH dangers Trump is aiming to defend us from.

Pretty slick, that.

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