WATCH: Asian Bro DESTROYS Liberals And ‘Identity Politics’ BS! (VIRAL)

There is just so much here. Where, oh where to begin?

First, revel in this awesome rant:

First, let’s look at the content.

One word — Brilliant.

This guy turns the argument on its head and shows the liberals that they are the privileged ones.

That it is not President Trump that is ‘dividing us’ it’s their own ‘identity politics’ that has already done that.

This reasoned, passionate speech calls for an end to the violent left.

It calls for liberals to stop abusing the words ‘racist’ and ‘nazi’.

It calls for conversation and mutual understanding.

It is what many of us want to say to the left, and he does so in a powerful way. And he’s not even white, so he can’t be called a ‘white supremacist’.

But did you happen to notice something?

Does that background look familiar to you?

It should.

It’s Shia LaBeouf’s ongoing protest project ‘He Will Not Divide Us’. A camera has been mounted on a wall outside the Museum of the Moving Image, New York. The words ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ is written on the wall, and many Progressive and fascist anti-fascists stand in front of it chanting the phrase like zombies.

Really. Watch the Shia zombies:

Here’s a screen capture:

Yep, it was deserted.

But to the dude that made that video rant on Shia LaBeof’s media protest project:


There have been a number of folks trolling Shia’s livestream, but this video has gone viral.

Well done, sir!

Wait until Shia realizes what’s happening. He doesn’t handle the trolling of his stream very well.


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