WATCH: The Hildebeest Is BACK Stoking RAGE With Her Gaggle Of ‘Nasty Women’

Did Hillary ever get the memo that she lost another election? What will it take for her to finally shut up?

Here’s Hillary, back again, playing her one-note song.

The failed Feminist (and Twice-failed Presidential candidate)… who habitually throws women under the Campaign bus when their legal testimony becomes a political liability… is doing the one thing she knows to do:

Speaking to American women with ‘First-World Problems’ as though they are beleaguered and oppressed.

You will NEVER hear Hillary deal with issues that would REALLY make a difference. Like speaking up against the Horrors of little girls having their reproductive organs terribly mutilated in the name of ‘honor’… often in unsanitary conditions.

No, ‘good feminist’ that she is, she leaves such tasks to Conservatives like us at ClashDaily.

She’s got much ‘bigger’ issues. Like political pandering.

Hillary Clinton said female leaders need to ‘step up and speak out’ in a video statement urging women across the United States to ‘be bold’.
In footage from the 2017 MAKERS conference, Clinton talked about breaking glass ceilings and the Women’s Marches that took place last month.
‘Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female,’ she said.
This was Clinton’s first on-camera statement since President Donald Trump was inaugurated last month.

…She said that the massive demonstrations should be just the beginning.
‘We watched women and men across this country and the globe stand up, speak out, and peacefully march for those values with one voice,’ Clinton told PEOPLE. ‘It was awe-inspiring. We have to keep up the momentum. I will never stop believing in this country and our collective future. We are still, and will always be, stronger together.’ — DailyMail

Oh joy. She is endorsing more of her SugarDaddy’s ‘grassroots’ marches.

She’s rambling nonsense about glass ceilings — while conveniently ignoring the many accomplishments actually achieved by Conservative women they refuse to even acknowledge. Kellyanne Conoway, for instance. Or Carly Fiorina. Or Condoleeza Rice with her 5 languages.

We could look at opportunities.

Both parties had women in their primaries. A woman has already ran on the VP ticket of one party, and the top of the ticket on the other party.

We have Female judges, all the way up to the Supreme Court. Heads of business — even the largest corporations. Governors, mayors, Congresswomen, Senators.

Or the fact that more women than men enter — and graduate from — university.

If anything, this should be an alarming statistic for women. Why? Should women care about the decline in education among men?

Sure! Let’s not forget we are talking about the men that will be providing for children. In some cases, this will be as part of a family. In others, the marriage will sadly dissolve. In each instance, the family is better served by an educated man who is successful in the workforce.

Too many feminists leftists are, like Hillary, playing a short-sighted zero-sum game. When one wins, the other loses.

Could someone tell her that’s a big part of why she lost? She alienated men. Play the woman card? ‘Deal me in!’ she said.

Sure, but the men — and a great many women — saw that pandering and said ‘I’m Out’.

If you want to go ahead and start kneecapping the NEXT Democratic primary? By all means, keep it up.

Meanwhile, we’ll be over here, Making America Great Again.

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