WATCH: This New Orleans TORNADO Footage Will Make You Say, ‘DAMN’

Shockingly close to the tornado’s eye, David Collet captures the moment that the roof off of a nearby building is torn off.

Watching the destruction from his workplace, a warehouse in New Orleans East, David Collet captures some of the devastation on his phone. At one point, he warns coworkers to ‘watch their back’ as debris is pulled out of the warehouse as the tornado approaches.

Dramatic footage shows the moment a tornado tore through buildings in Louisiana, sending debris flying into the air.

David Collet got terrifyingly close to the eye of the storm as he captured the tornado sweeping past his work place in New Orleans East.

The roof of a nearby building was ripped off as the tornado left a trail of destruction.

Mr Collet, who was working in the Starlight Studios warehouse, is heard shouting ‘Watch your back’ as a plank of wood flies towards them, before the workers run for cover.

A series of tornadoes tore through Louisiana on Tuesday, devastating homes and injuring at least 28 people.
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That is some crazy footage!

And a little too close for comfort.

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