WATCH: Pregnant Beyonce Hoofs Around Pretty Much NUDE During Grammy Performance – Do YOU Wanna Vomit?

Beyoncé struts around on stage pregnant in a gold bikini showing VERY poor judgement — and we’re supposed to heed her advice on who to vote for? Ummm, no.

Besides, isn’t a ‘gold bikini’ a symbol of the patriarchy or something?

Only for attractive, fit women with great figures.

But not if you’re ‘glowingly’ pregnant.

The same (liberal) logic that says that Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer are ‘courageous’ for stripping down, but First Lady Melania is a ‘tramp’.

She made her first public appearance on Sunday night since announcing she is expecting twins.
And pregnant pop superstar Beyonce slayed as she performed at the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old, who is mother to five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, debuted her baby bump at the show in both a gold bikini and a gold sequin gown.

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Here are the revealing outfits that she wore:




Watch the (fortunately brief) and kinda creepy clip:


Do you ever wonder how the Baby Corpse Corps feel about Beyoncé constantly revealing her proud baby belly? Her initial announcement with near-naked photos said, ‘I have three hearts’.

When a baby is wanted, it’s a baby with a heartbeat, when it is unwanted, it is just ‘a lump of cells’ and/or a fetus.

But then again, look who’s siding with Planned Parenthood these days.

But I digress…

Looks like being tacky stripping down to near-nothing is just the way it is for ‘Queen B’, especially to show off the buns in the oven.

Do you think Beyonce needs to dress a little more tastefully?

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