WATCH: Thug Robs The WRONG Store – In 13 Seconds He’s On The HIGHWAY TO HELL

This is what happens when you try to rob a store that is concerned about the security of their employees.

A career thug thought that he could get a quick payday by robbing a convenience store.

Instead, he got three bullets and a sheet to cover his corpse.

Emmanuel Henry, 22, was shot and killed Tuesday during an attempt to rob Happy’s Package, a convenience store northwest of Atlanta.

The video shows Henry calmly walking into the store then leaping behind the counter where he threatened the clerk for cash.

The burglar whips out a silver handgun as the store clerk dramatically lunges towards the weapon.

In a horrifying sequence, Henry raises the pistol and fires at the clerk.

The unnamed clerk sprints for a gun stored behind the counter and returns the shots, hitting Henry three times…

…Henry was somewhat of a career criminal having been implicated in at least nine other robberies.

Police say they do not intend to prosecute the clerk because he was acting in self defense.
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The thug had been implicated in at least nine other robberies.

Well, that crime spree is over.

Kudos to the clerk with great aim and the police that recognize that the shooting was self-defense.

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