WHOA! Trump B*TCH SLAPS McCain – It’s WORSE Than What He Said About JEB!

Published on February 9, 2017

As takedowns go, this one was absolutely SAVAGE… ‘Ka-Boom’!

McCain had his shot at being President. He lost to Obama.

Since then, he’s fought harder against Republicans than against Democrats. And NOW, he’s FINALLY getting called out for it.

McCain, who tried to deep-six Trump with that same bogus ‘dossier’ that CNN and Buzzfeed called ‘news’, is on the attack again.

Can you guess what he’s turned his sights on now?

Is he committed himself to unravelling Obama’s disastrous legacy, both foreign and domestic?

Is he making the news for his commitment to reforming the VA, or rebuilding a badly depleted military?

Is he calling out as disingenuous the Left’s pointless obstruction tactics at confirming the nominees?

Or is he attacking Republicans?

Well THAT was an easy question, wasn’t it?

Yes, you guessed it, McCain is in the news because he’s quibbling over the language Trump used to describe the first combat operation of his Presidency.

He’s upset that Trump called the mission in Yemen a ‘success’, because there were casualties involved.

‘While many of the objectives of the recent raid in Yemen were met, I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success.’

As you might expect, Trump’s answer came via Twitter:

If he’s suggesting that Trump takes the deaths of our military lightly? That’s easy to disprove. He PERSONALLY showed up to pay his respects, instead of golfing like his predecessor.

If we apply the ‘McCain Test’ to military success, how many US military victories would actually be considered ‘successful’?

What about D-Day, Johnny-boy? Was THAT a ‘success’? (The answer is ‘yes’, by the way. It came at a high price, but resulted in the liberation of Europe.)

Even with the benefits of superior training, tactics, and tech, we are STILL sending our military into VERY dangerous situations. There are no ‘milk runs’ when the other side is armed.

McCain is, at heart, still a NeverTrumper. If there is any political capital remaining from his time as a POW, he is quickly exhausting it on petty squabbles fighting the wrong enemy.

From here in the cheap seats, this looks like a serious case of Sour Grapes.

Trump is President, now, McCain. The people have spoken. It’s time to stop leading the circular firing squad now. Get over yourself, 2008 is long gone.

You failed to inspire us to vote for you then, and if you spend more time fighting WITH Democrats than against them, you can expect it will cost you your seat.

It’s time to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

And since you know so VERY little about winning, that rules out option one.

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