YO, ASHELY JUDD & MADONNA: What Time’s Your ‘Womens March’ Against Muslims BEATING Women? (VIDEO)

With so many GOOD women’s issues to champion, you do you set your bar so low?

These women with their silly knit caps marching in Washington… did you ever stop to ask yourself if your ISSUE is big enough for your CAUSE?

You rallied around what, exactly? Aside from some generalized Liberal talking points, there wasn’t a whole lot of consensus.

If anything, it was a generalized dislike of Trump.

But, did you not see the lesson in the Slacktivism of your beloved Michelle Obama?


It’s better to be FOR something. Are you actually FOR anything at all in these marches?

While you complain about ‘first world problems’, have you seen what’s happening elsewhere in the world?

A masked man, whose identity is kept completely hidden, plays to the crowd by wiggling the cane provocatively near the woman’s back.
He then draws it back and unleashes it across her shoulder blades for an unknown alleged crime.
The woman, wearing a white shirt and a salmon-coloured headscarf, winces in pain with every blow.
Between each savage lashing, she reaches back with her hand to try and relieve the agony.
When the man delivers the fifth blow, she collapses in a heap on the stage, to the sound of applause.

…Three people, who appear to be paramedics dressed in green and one in white, rush to the woman.
With the help of two women, they carry her off the stage.
It appears she is unconscious when she is being carried from the arena, as photographers and civilians rush to take a picture of her.

…The woman along with the man she was accused of having sex with, faced the brutal punishment as having sex outside of wedlock is against strict Sharia law.

Pictures show how the woman was forced to kneel on the ground on the public stage in front of a mosque in Indonesia’s Aceh province. — DailyMail

Chilling right? Beaten into unconsciousness in front of a Mosque for unmarried sex. Does THIS put the tantrum in DC in perspective?

Go ahead and take up a cause. Just make sure it’s one worthy of your efforts.

Remember the goal-setting rules. Keep them: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable, in a specific Time frame. SMART goal setting.

Except for a surgeon, NOBODY will be putting their hands on your ovaries. That’s REALLY a dumb cause.

But taking steps to outlaw specific mistreatment of disadvantaged girls and women? Now THERE’s something worthy of your efforts.

We’ve gotten a head start on you with some of these causes — gender-selective abortions, for those cultures who don’t WANT a daughter, so they kill them rather than give birth to one.

Or Female Genital Mutilation. That’s a cause worth taking up.

Human Trafficking? There’s one that comes closer to home.

But maybe the woman getting LEGALLY beaten with a stick horrified you. If so, read up about Sharia law, and why it’s acceptable to beat women in public for certain crimes.

Maybe you’d like to be a vocal opponent of Sharia law.

Because that’s what REAL courage and activism would look like… not the slactivism we’re seeing in these marches.

Share to challenge the Woman’s rights marchers to REALLY stand for something.

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