CATE BLANCHETT: ‘My MORAL Compass Is In My Vagina’

Published on March 10, 2017

And THESE are the people who are trying to cram THEIR morality down OUR throats? Seriously?

Cate was on Colbert’s show plugging her Broadway gig, and — naturally, she’s Hollywood, after all — had to make it political.

She road the coat-tails of the Russia conspiracy (the same one that a Spy Novelist is helping the AP ‘journalists’ write! Not even kidding!)

So anyway, since she had commented on morality, humanity and such, Colbert had a follow-up question. He was NOT prepared for her response. See for yourself:

Yes. Where does she keep her moral compass? In her vagina.

Got it. Thanks for that mental image, Cate. Now please pass the brain bleach.

Brings back memories of THIS scene:


So what was the LEFT’s reaction?

The ‘serious’ and ‘not-fake’ news site Huffington Post posted this:

Happy International Women’s Day!

File this moment under another reason to love Cate Blanchett.

Just in case the actor’s poignant 2014 Oscar acceptance speech calling out Hollywood sexism feels like a faint memory, Blanchett is here with another epic TV moment. —Huffpo


For decades, feminists have been ANGRY that Advertising, Media, and in particular, MEN have been objectifying women, and reducing them to sexual objects.

Because anything men can do they can do better.

Like reducing women to merely sexual objects.

How two-dimensional do you have to be to have SEXUALITY be the AXLE upon which ALL your morality turns?

How different is that, really, from the thinking of ancient Fertility Cults? (Which had a HORRIBLE track record with the treatment of women, by the way.) You’re SO ‘progressive’.

Let’s TEST your ‘morality’ Cate.

Quick quiz:

Roman Polanski: Is he a hero? Or a child-raping fugitive from Justice?

Or try this one:

Bill Clinton vs. Juanita Broaddrick — who do you believe?

Do you denounce, say — Hugh Heffner or Woody Allen with the same force that you denounce a Donald Trump or other Republicans?

Because if not, I have bad news.

However ‘earnestly’ you claim your ‘moral compass’ is in your vagina; it’s clear that TRUTH and PRINCIPLE don’t actually matter to you. At all.

Because you have pimped out that vagina (to use your illustration) to the ‘higher service’ of a political agenda. Right or wrong doesn’t matter. At all. Just right and left.

And THAT is why you are such a tragic story. You STAND on unearned, indefensible, and ultimately IMAGINARY moral superiority.

Dear ClashReader, don’t be like Cate. And don’t let your loved ones either.

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