DEAR AMERICA: Mom & Son Swap GENDERS – Is THIS The New ‘Normal?’

The world has gone bat-crap crazy.

Leaving aside the dizzyingly confusing use of pronouns in this quote (which we will leave unchanged from the original for its full effect), reading this article does leave some questions unanswered.

They lived as mother and son for more than a decade, but unknown to each other wished every day they could be father and daughter.

Now Eric Maison and his transgender child Corey, 15, have tranisitoned into the genders that match the ones inside their heads.

Eric last month had a double mastectomy to remove his breasts, finally ending years of severe body dysmorphia he only told his family about in 2015.

‘I used to wish for cancer when I was younger, so I could get a mastectomy,’ he revealed to 60 Minutes just before the operation in Chicago.

He confessed to hating ‘everything’ about his female body, ‘from my long hair to my chest’ and frequently told husband Les ‘I wish I could chop this off’…

…Eric particularly despised being pregnant with their five children Chelsea, 22, Kailee, 14, Corey, Ellen, eight, Willow, six, and Savanna, four – along with Corey.

Fearing being rejected by Les and tearing their family apart, it was only after Corey started her transition to a girl that Eric shared his secret.

Corey first realised she wanted to be a girl as an 11-year-old when she came across a video of transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings.

Now looking and sounding like a girl thanks to a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant, Corey plans to have genital surgery when she turns 18.
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Watch the insanity:

Ok, where do we begin?

How do you go through FIVE pregnancies while hating ‘everything’ about your body, PARTICULARLY being pregnant?

And how do you look your kids in the eye when you say it?

Where does this leave the Biological father of these kids. They’re still married.

Suddenly, after being married for years, you’re waking up next to a dude?

But what the adult couple — however weird it may be — do that, the bigger question is for the kid. Their SON (whatever they may be calling him now).

If BPA — which is synthetic and mimics Estrogen is so very dangerous that a prominent campaign was launched to remove it from al plastic food containers lest it cause massive harm, what about intentionally introducing ESTROGEN into a biologically intact MALE body? Especially since studies have indicated many adolescents with feelings of body dysmorphia have those feelings resolve themselves without surgery later in life.

As for health benefits? Have you looked at the post-op suicide rate? It’ unreal!

And who exactly is paying these 21,000 dollars for this gender-bending medically invasive implant?

There are a lot of things in this story that leave someone scratching their heads. But mostly… is THIS the new normal?

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